Hon. Rita “Sunny” Miller

Mediator  •  Arbitrator  •  Referee

Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court, Retired


"Judge Miller is a top-notch mediator and we always enjoy working with her."

“Thank you for the extraordinary job you did yesterday dealing with the law, the personalities and the mechuganehs on both sides. Your expertise, but also charisma and inner, subtle, strength were obvious throughout the long drawn out event. In addition, your generosity in working overtime—overtime as long as the time technically on the clock—was not unnoticed and was above and beyond!. I hope to work with you again soon. You are now on my list of go-to judges.”

"Judge Miller is one of the best . We had a very difficult client and the case did not settle but Judge Miller is and was fantastic."

"Judge Miller was very professional and understood the issues. She helped facilitate a resolution that came after the mediation."

​"Judge Miller did a phenomenal job and has been very thorough in her follow-up as well. Will definitely use her again and encourage other Plaintiff's lawyers to do so too."

​"Judge Miller was terrific in all respects."

“I used Judge Miller as an arbitrator in a complex commercial merger dispute that settled a week before the arbitration was scheduled to finish. In the 45 years I’ve been trying cases, she ranks probably at the top of my list of judges I would want to return to if I want to get a fair and complete hearing on the issues. She is extremely smart and extraordinarily well prepared. Judge Miller made good use of her judicial experience but always did so in a very respectful manner. I can’t remember a single decision that she made throughout – win or lose – that I didn’t feel as though I had a complete opportunity to develop my record and to develop my argument. I want to say she was wrong when she ruled against me, but I can’t think of any situation where that was true.”

​“I used Judge Miller to settle sexual abuse and sexual harassment cases. She’s one of the best mediators I’ve worked with in my 40-year career. She’s seen all kinds of cases, and she’s seen all kinds of lawyers. I think she figures out the sides and what’s either nonsensical or what’s practical or what’s in line with the law, and then she tries to advise the parties accordingly, so they can at least attempt to settle. Judge Miller really shines in cases where a neutral needs to go deep into the weeds. If you have a case that’s complex, I think she’s a really good pick.”

​“I tried a case in front of Judge Miller about 10 years ago and have since used her to mediate several disputes. Her judicial experience remains an important asset. Judge Miller is very smart both in terms of understanding the law and the issues, but she’s also a good people person in terms of being able to communicate effectively and understanding what the parties and the attorneys are most focused on.”