Hon. Rita “Sunny” Miller

Mediator  •  Arbitrator  •  Referee

Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court, Retired

  • Producer of mini-series sued television network pursuant to “pay or play” contract when producer claimed deadline had passed and network claimed producer had prevented its performance.

  • Movie production houses sued television network for millions of dollars in costs incurred in responding to network subpoenas in “Family Hour” litigation.

  • Movie star who created a unique gangster persona in an iconic gangster movie sued animation studio for creating a character with some similarity to the persona created by the movie star.

  • Imprisoned rapper with reputation for being drug kingpin and “bad boy” sued clean-cut rapper for misappropriation of his name and “bad boy” identity and sued record label which published the clean-cut rapper’s music.

  • Grunge star sued manager.

  • Heir of famous author entered contract for screenplay based on author’s book and dispute with screenplay writers ensued.

  • Famous performer was sued by his girlfriend for battery; he sued his insurer for defense and indemnity.