Hon. Rita “Sunny” Miller

Mediator  •  Arbitrator  •  Referee

Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court, Retired

Personal Injury


  • 18-wheeler sideswiped plaintiff's car on freeway pushing her off the road. Plaintiff claimed mild traumatic brain injury and spine damage visible on MRI.

  • Limousine driver hired for the entire evening sought to pick up passengers across the street from night club. Inebriated passenger darted into street to reach limousine and was hit by a car, smashing his cervical spine, requiring 16 pins, fusions, and sustaining other serious injuries. Plaintiff claimed that driver was asked to come to the side of the street where passengers were and refused unnecessarily, despite duties of care of common carrier and foreseeability that passenger would be drunk after a night of clubbing. Limo company denied that it was its limo, and asserted that passenger was violating law vitiating duties.

  • A cable TV installer was injured by an electric shock when he opened a “facility” owned by the defendant company, thinking it was a cable facility. It allegedly was not marked as an electrical facility and was not maintained properly.

  • Plaintiff worked on the ramp at an airline. His supervisor was unhappy with him for talking on the phone at work. The supervisor hit him in the private parts, claiming it was an accident. The airline promptly investigated, put the supervisor off work, and ultimately terminated him. Plaintiff claimed he was harassed after the incident by co-employees, however, he refused to give the names of most of them and the airline claimed that this prevented a meaningful investigation. Plaintiff sued for sexual harassment and other torts.

  • Numerous automobile accidents.

  • Driver of car sued manufacturer where vehicle allegedly rolled out of park, running over and dragging exiting driver.

  • Injured driver sued good Samaritan who extricated her from car after accident, further injuring her.

  • Teenager sued driver who inflicted traumatic brain injury on teen in auto accident.

  • Teenager who suffered traumatic brain injury after being hit by car while crossing in crosswalk sued the driver and municipality, claiming the accident was caused in part by municipality’s landscaping, obscuring driver’s view.

  • Family sued municipality for drowning of minor in public swimming pool, alleging lifeguard negligence.

  • Family sued county and waverunner manufacturer after minor drowned after being pinned underneath waverunner.

  • Minor and family of decedent sued school district for off-campus stabbing of students by gang member after incident at school.

  • Special needs student sued school district for sexual molestation en route to and from school.

  • Family of young adult sued apartment building owner/manager after the young adult fell from rooftop or committed suicide.

  • Injured parties sued building owners for failure to provide adequate security in parking lot and common areas.

  • Arrested party’s family sued law enforcement for excessive use of force, violation of civil rights and wrongful death.

  • Disabled public bus patron sued for failure to secure wheelchair properly and failure to deploy ramp for access to bus.

  • Various parties sued for slip and trip and fall incidents on public sidewalks.

  • Various premises liability disputes.